Anabolic Running and how does it work?

Anabolic Running is a unique form of cardio developed from scientific studies proven to increase natural testosterone levels, enhance vascularity, intensify muscle pumps, and raise human growth hormone in males by 530% from the very first workout.

This cardio solution was specifically designed for hormone optimization in men. Which is the key to building muscle, burning fat, and having sex? Research shows 16 minutes of Anabolic Running each week is just the right amount of exercise for maximal results.

I’m a male over 40 and I’m afraid I have symptoms of low testosterone. Will this program help reverse my concerns?

Answer:   Yes it will. The side effects from Anabolic Running will fight back against low testosterone. Which includes abdominal fat, high cortisol levels, and heightened levels of estrogen. Although most men’s testosterone levels decline after the age of 30, it doesn’t have to be this way. And hormone replacement therapy and purchasing a handful of expensive supplements aren’t your only options. Start with a testosterone boosting program like Anabolic Running. I’ve included the Testosterone Hacker Handbook, a bonus resource which gives you 41 daily testosterone elevating short-cuts, including a scientifically published T-boosting foods blueprint.

Is it true that endurance running causes weight gain?

Answer:  Yes. In a study of 8,080 participating men, The International Journal of Obesity confirmed body-fat percentage and waist-circumference increased in participants who ran several miles per week. Researchers then state, preventing future weight gain would require longer distance runs and with greater intensity, even while aging(6). So if you want to get ripped and stay ripped while improving your fitness levels, you’re going to have to run more just to make this happen. So by the time you hit age 60 you’ll have to run more than you are now just to keep fat from piling on.

Anabolic Running provides a “way out” for men. A solution that does not require logging more miles for more results. Instead, men can increase fat loss and build muscle by enhancing their male sex hormones with each workout, lasting no more than 16-minutes per week.

Who is Anabolic Running Not For?

Answer:  I’d like to say this program is for everyone, but it’s not. If you are one of those guys who love spending hours of your week running on a treadmill, this is not for you. Anabolic Running is for men who want to spend as little time running as possible, but still get a massive return from their cardio workouts. Running hours each week will only slow your results. For that reason, I don’t want you to purchase the program until you are ready to cut back on your cardio.

Is this another traditional interval training program?

Answer:  No. Although Anabolic Running has been developed through several interval training studies, this program will give you a unique formula for faster and greater results. Anabolic Running increases your exposure to two of the most powerful muscle-building chemicals, nitric oxide, and lactic acid. Upon reaching the lactic “tipping-point”, spurts of growth hormone are released into your bloodstream which can help with muscle growth, fat loss and a boost in testosterone. However, that’s only half the story. You will also utilize an ancient breathing technique proven to increase nitric oxide for enhanced vascularity and better sexual performance.

Traditional interval training alone does not increase nitric oxide levels (at least, no studies confirm) and it rarely reaches the lactic “tipping point” necessary for noticeable increases in muscle gain.

How long before I notice results?

Answer:  It depends how much effort you put into the program. If you follow everything exactly as I lay out, you can begin to notice improvements in your physique in a week and an increase in your sex drive and energy in 2-3 weeks.

Who are you and how did you discover Anabolic Running?

Answer:  I discovered Anabolic Running after suffering exercise-induced testosterone damage when preparing for a half-marathon. Within the first few weeks of training, I started feeling weaker and noticed more fat on my physique, especially around my midsection. I was tired all the time and was never in “the mood” behind closed doors.

I frantically started researching a cardio solution that would get me in shape for my half-marathon without building one of those “skinny-fat” physiques or screwing-up my sex life. That’s when I came across dozens of articles and studies supporting testosterone-optimizing cardio for men. Since then my mission has been helping men transform their physiques, get fit, increase their energy and improve their sex life through short, intense and powerful cardio workouts.

Will I eventually adapt to the program?

Answer:  It’s hard to say. Like anything, the longer you follow the same routine the more diminishing returns you’ll experience. I’m confident you can follow this program alone for several months before you consider adding in a new workout. That’s why I included the Shock And Awe Strength program as a Free Bonus. These workouts will surge new muscle growth and build jaw-dropping strength. You can add in one or two workouts a week if you notice your results “slowing” down.

Who do you recommend Anabolic Running to?

Answer:  I strongly recommend this program to guys 30 – 60 years old or guys who are looking to build muscle and burn fat without spending hours running each week or lifting weights at the gym. At age 30, a biological war is waged on natural testosterone levels in all males. You included. Anabolic Running fights this natural testosterone dip, releasing strong amounts of testosterone, growth hormone, and nitric oxide for increased muscle growth, fat loss, and an enlarged sex-drive.

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